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When Is It Time for Heat Pump Replacement?

  • February 2014

heat pump replacementMany Indiana homes today are heated using a heat pump. A heat pump is an economical way to keep your home comfortable, but like any appliance, your heat pump has a limited life span. Spotting signs that it’s time for heat pump replacement will help you make wise decisions about this important appliance.

How Long Should They Last?

The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates a 10 to 15 year life span for the average heat pump. While some units will last longer than this, you should begin to plan for heat pump replacement around the 10-year mark, so you have the funds to make the purchase when the time comes.

Changes in Efficiency

If you’re noticing changes in your home’s comfort level, it may be time to think about replacing that heat pump. If rooms aren’t getting cool or warm as quickly or as consistently as they once did, your heat pump may not be running at full capacity.

The good news is that replacement will likely increase efficiency, and thus lower your energy bills. Newer heat pumps are nearly always more efficient than old, worn out models, so you may find that you’re saving over time by lower heating and cooling bills.

Many Minor Repairs

The cost of minor repairs begins to add up over time. If you find yourself calling the HVAC professional regularly for heat pump issues, you may be better served by simply replacing it, especially if you’re nearing that decade mark.

Remember, your heat pump is crucial to your home’s comfort level. If you think the time for heat pump replacement is nearing, contact the HVAC professionals at Meyer’s for experienced help for all of your heat pump needs in the greater Gary and Munster areas.

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