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Highland, IN Air Conditioning Repair & Service

[coupon couponid=”loop” category=”CityPage” coupon_align=”cctor_aligncenter” name=”Coupon Loop”]Because it is a part of the Chicago metropolitan area, people who work in the city often settle in Highland to enjoy the perks of a suburban community. Highland has been incorporated as a town for more than a century and boasts a nice array of services and amenities. Several major roads and freeways stretch near and through the town too, which makes it easy for residents to get where they need to go.

History of Highland

Highland largely owes its existence to the many factories that sprang up near the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. Unlike many nearby communities, however, Highland’s fortunes didn’t tumble when those industries floundered. The town was originally settled by Michael and Judith Johnston, a pair of pioneers from the neighboring state of Ohio. Others followed their lead, and the town grew slowly but steadily for the next few decades.

The arrival of the Chicago and Atlantic railroad line in 1880 drew a lot more attention to Highland. The train made the area a prime location for manufacturing and agriculture and business started booming. At the time of its incorporation in 1910, Highland had a population of 310 people. The population grew over the ensuing decades, but Highland has managed to retain its small town feel all along. The population had reached 23,727 by the time of the 2010 U.S. Census.


Highland is located in Lake County, which is so named because of its location on the southernmost shore of Lake Michigan. The town takes up an area of 6.96 square miles. It is bordered by Schererville to the south, Hammond to the north, Griffith to the east and Munster to the west. The Little Calumet River flows through the town and has caused numerous floods throughout its history.


The weather in Highland is strongly influenced by Lake Michigan, which causes what is known as lake-effect snow. Lake-effect snow refers to snow that falls quickly and heavily, and usually involves a great deal of accumulation. Temperatures are low in the winter, with the average low in January hovering just below 16 degrees. In the summer, the weather is hot and humid with an average high of 84 degrees in July.

Things to Do

Highland doesn’t offer much in the way of tourist attractions. For shopping, most locals head over to the Highland Grove Shopping Center. Lake County, however, is home to many popular attractions. There are the beaches at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, and several museums including the John Dillinger Museum and the Brauer Museum of Art. The county is sprinkled with several excellent restaurants and popular bars. There are also plenty of options for late-night entertainment. Several neighboring communities have casinos. The Horseshoe Casino Hammond and the Blue Chip Casino are just two examples. In the town of Highland itself, there are numerous well-maintained parks and plenty of recreational opportunities.

HVAC Repair, Installation and Service in Highland, IN

With frigid temperatures in the winter and hot, balmy weather in the summer, Highland isn’t the kind of place where you want to go without reliable heating and cooling. Residents of Highland can keep their HVAC equipment running effectively and efficiently by hiring Meyer’s Company, Inc. for heating and air conditioning services. Meyer’s offers a complete lineup of HVAC services, including heating and air conditioning repairs, installations and maintenance. Service agreements and maintenance contracts make it simple to keep furnaces and air conditioners in exceptional shape for many years.