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Schererville IN Air Conditioning Repair & Service

[coupon couponid=”loop” category=”CityPage” coupon_align=”cctor_aligncenter” name=”Coupon Loop”]For centuries, several important trails and routes have converged at Schererville, so it makes sense that the town’s nickname is the Crossroads of the Nation. While simple trails once intersected in this area just to the south of the southern shore of Lake Michigan, massive highways and freeways do today. From Schererville, you can head in virtually any direction on a major highway. That’s not to say that the town is all concrete and traffic. It has been well maintained through the years, and it still boasts a pleasant, close-knit feel.

History of Schererville

Long before white settlers arrived in the area where Schererville is now located, some of the most important Indian trails in the region converged here. As a result, the area has long played a critical role in navigation. It was referred to simply as The Crossroads long before it officially became a town. Nicholas Scherer, a man who had immigrated to America from Germany in 1846, arrived here twenty years later, which is when he founded the town.

Due to its proximity to Chicago, which is otherwise known as the Windy City, Schererville has long ridden on that city’s coattails. Residents are perfectly fine with that, though, and many enjoy the perks of working in the city while living in the quiet, peaceful environs of Schererville.

Population and Demographics

At the time of the 2010 U.S. Census, the town of Schererville had a population of 29,243. In terms of race, 86.8 percent reported themselves as white while 5.4 percent reported themselves as African-American. There were 11,883 households, and the median household income was $66,160. A considerable percentage of the population commutes to and from Chicago daily for work.


Schererville is easy to find on a map because it’s located just south of the southernmost point of Lake Michigan. The town takes up an area of 14.76 square miles, and it is just a short drive away from downtown Chicago. Many important freeways and roads cross through the town, including U.S. Highways 30 and 41 and Interstates 94, 65 and 80. In recent decades, many transplants from Illinois have arrived after being lured over by affordable housing and excellent municipal services.

Things to Do

The residents of Schererville have plenty to do right in town, but most head over to Chicago or elsewhere in Lake County for fun and excitement. In Schererville proper, the Crossroads Shopping Center is a popular place to shop. On every Friday during the summer, Movies in the Park is held at Redar Park. Family friendly movies are presented on a massive screen and begin at dusk.

Lake County has plenty to offer those who live in Schererville. The South Shore Civil War Memorial Trail is an enjoyable place to walk and is educational, too. The Buckley Homestead provides a wonderful glimpse into what life must have been like back when Nicholas Scherer arrived.


The climate of Schererville is a thing of extremes. Hot, humid weather abounds in the summer while winters are freezing cold and punctuated by large bouts of lake-effect snowfall.

Heating and Cooling Services in Schererville

If you live in Schererville, you don’t want to go without reliable heat during the winter or dependable air conditioning during the summer. Meyer’s Company, Inc. offers first-rate heating and air conditioning services to commercial and residential customers throughout the area. Heating and air conditioning repairs can be performed during regular business hours, and emergency services are also available.