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St. John, IN Air Conditioning Repair & Service

[coupon couponid=”loop” category=”CityPage” coupon_align=”cctor_aligncenter” name=”Coupon Loop”]Although it is overshadowed by Chicago, the town of St. John, IN has a lot to offer. Most people come here with the intention of settling down; it isn’t much of a tourist town. However, those who do randomly stumble upon St. John are pleasantly surprised by what they discover. From its well-planned design to its small-town vibe, St. John is an excellent option for growing families, young professionals and anyone who wants to live near the bustle and excitement of Chicago while still enjoying the perks of being in a quiet community.

History of St. John

People often assume that St. John was named after St. John the Evangelist, which was the first Roman Catholic church in this part of Indiana. In reality, though, the town was named in honor of its founder, who was a man named John Hack. John and his wife, Johanna, arrived in the area from Prussia in 1837. At the time, it was little more than a wilderness. The couple bought land from local Potawatomi Indians and is credited with starting the first settlement. John went on to become postmaster of the town, which grew slowly but steadily over the following decades.

St. John wasn’t officially incorporated until 1911. Since then, it has largely thrived due to its proximity to Chicago. Many people move from Illinois to St. John to take advantage of affordable homes, quiet communities and a low cost of living.


St. John is one of the many Lake County communities that is located near the southernmost shore of Lake Michigan. It covers an area of 11.48 square miles and is approximately 24 miles southeast of downtown Chicago. For that reason, many residents work in the Windy City and return home to St. John in the evenings.

Population and Demographics

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the town of St. John has a population of 14,850. It is believed that the population is either holding steady or slightly dropping. There were 5,047 households at the time of the census, and 93.5 percent of the population was white while 1.3 percent was black. The median household income for St. John at the time the census was taken was $97,895, which is well above the average for the state.

Things to Do

The main attraction that puts St. John on the map is the Shrine of Christ’s Passion, which includes several shrines that are positioned along a winding path. There is a smattering of restaurants and shops, but most residents go elsewhere for serious shopping and dining. Lake County is home to many events, including the annual Pierogi Fest and the South Shore Air Show. In terms of family fun, the Deep River Waterpark is a popular option. There are plenty of cultural attractions in the county as well; the Barker Mansion, which was the home of John H. Barker, one of the founding fathers of the railcar industry, is a prime example.


The climate of St. John is dramatically influenced by its proximity to Lake Michigan. In the winter, lake-effect snowstorms occur regularly. The average low in January is 13.9 degrees, and the average high in July is 84 degrees.

Heating and Cooling in St. John, IN

With sweltering summers and bitterly cold winters, St. John is a place that depends on effective heating and cooling all year long. Commercial and residential customers rely on Meyer’s Company, Inc. for heating and air conditioning services. The company offers around-the-clock heating and air conditioning repairs, which come in handy when emergencies strike.