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The Standby Generator: Stepping in When the Power Goes Out

In this day and age, having power is far from optional. From at-home medical equipment to the computer of those who work from home, some things can’t wait until the power comes back on. A standby generator can step in while the power’s out to help you keep the most important equipment running.

In the past, standby generators were seen as either an industrial product or a luxury item reserved only for the extravagantly rich. In recent days, these images are changing, as more and more people are finding it necessary to have uninterrupted access to electricity. While generators are still fairly expensive, prices have dropped in recent years.

Standby generators come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small ones able to run a few lights and essential systems like refrigerators and HVAC systems, all the way up to whole house units that can keep a house fully operational with power to spare. Generators also use a variety of fuel types. The most common fuels are natural gas, gasoline, diesel and propane. It’s important that you pick a standby generator that uses a fuel type that works well for you.

When considering installing a standby generator, make sure to analyze what power needs you’ll have in the event of an emergency, as well as possible placement for a unit. The smaller ones can be roughly the size of a trash can, while some models are as big as a car and require a concrete platform to keep them from sinking into the ground. Many places also have ordinances on how loud a generator can be, so as to keep from disturbing the neighbors.

Employ experienced professionals for the installation process. They know how to place the generator so as to minimize any disturbance from sound pollution.

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