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Are Your Ducts Tight Enough?

Paying to heat and cool your Schererville home is an unavoidable expense, but you do have some control over the size of your energy bills. Taking the time to seal the exterior envelope of your home with caulking or weatherstripping can prevent conditioned air from escaping and unconditioned air from entering, but is that enough? Take it one step further and prevent leakage on the inside too by inspecting and sealing your ducts. Here’s how:

Where to Look

  • Out in the open – Inspect all visible ductwork, including the basement, crawl space and attic, keeping an eye out for sections that have become damaged or disconnected. If duct tape was used on the seams, look for signs of deterioration.
  • Check your supply – Remove the covers on your supply registers and look for any obvious gaps or signs of disconnection. Ensure that no furniture, draperies or other materials are blocking the flow of air from the registers.
  • Start at the beginning – Inspect heating equipment for signs of leakage from equipment or filter slot, and look for old or worn duct tape.
  • Examine your insulation – Ducts located in unconditioned spaces should be insulated to prevent heat loss. Look for areas where insulation is missing or may have fallen and repair as needed.
  • Be open – Make sure all return registers are open and free of debris. Periodically vacuum the visible section of ducting behind your register to help boost your indoor air quality and airflow, and consider having your ducts professionally cleaned.

Tips for Sealing

  • Perform an annual inspection of all visible ductwork. If you have issues with rooms that are consistently hotter or colder than the rest of the house, have your contractor perform a more in-depth inspection.
  • Avoid using duct tape to repair holes or seams, which is known to break down over time. Instead, choose foil-backed tape or duct mastic.

For a thorough, professional inspection and repair of the ducts in your home, call the experts at Meyer’s Heating & Cooling. We’ve been proudly serving residents in Schererville and the neighboring areas for more than 60 years.