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AFUE Ratings Explained

If you’re looking for a new furnace in the Griffith, Lowell, and Valparaiso area, you’re probably looking at factors such as AFUE ratings. But what is AFUE and why does it matter? Meyer’s Companies is happy to provide you with this handy guide to AFUE ratings and how to use them to choose your next furnace.

What is AFUE?

The term “AFUE” stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The AFUE rating is used to measure how efficient your furnace is, in terms of the energy that is uses and the heat that it produces. The AFUE rating is a percentage of how much fuel the furnace and convert into usable heat. Not all of the fuel you put into a furnace is transferred into heat you can use, as some of it will always be lost through exhaust except in electric furnaces. AFUE ratings range from 30 to 100 percent, as anything below a 30 percent fuel utilization rate would be effectively useless. Gas furnaces from Meyer’s Companies range from an AFUE rating of 85 to 98.5, meaning that you can get furnaces which utilize 98.5 percent of the fuel fed into them to produce heat.

Cost and Meaning

A higher AFUE doesn’t mean that your furnace will consume less fuel, or be less expensive. Well-made and efficient furnaces can be expensive to purchase and install, because you are paying for quality. A high AFUE furnace might take a lot of fuel and produce a lot of heat, especially if you’re purchasing a larger furnace that’s meant to heat up a large home or a commercial building. The cost of fuel can also be a factor, as some highly efficient fuels can also be expensive. An electric furnace is one of the most costly furnaces to run despite its high efficiency because of the high cost of the electricity it takes to heat your home. When you are considering purchasing a new furnace or other heating appliance, don’t just look at the AFUE–remember to consider what your heating needs will be and how much fuel you’ll be able to afford.

Picking the Right Furnace For You

When you’re looking at a furnace or other heating appliance for your home or business, it can be difficult to calculate the right formula to get the heat you need with the affordability you want. Meyer’s Companies can help you decide on your heating needs for your home with an energy assessment. We’ll send out our qualified technicians to help you figure out what kind of furnace you’ll need, and then we’ll help you pick out the most efficient furnace that will fit your building and provide optimal heating. In the Midwest, natural gas is the most common fuel and least expensive to use. We can also help you calculate your heat needs, so that you can balance the cost of the furnace with the cost of your heating budget. At Meyer’s Companies, we want you to have the most energy-efficient furnace possible so you’ll be happy with your heating.

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