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Itchy Dry Skin

4 DIY Home Humidity Hacks

Indiana is a relatively humid state, but because of our frigid winters, we constantly dry out our indoor air in the winter with our furnaces. This can cause real health issues. Drier air will make you more likely to suffer from allergies and can cause chapped lips and itchy, dry skin. You shouldn’t have to make a choice between warm and comfortable. We have some DIY tips that should make your home a lot more breathable and inviting.

#1: Add Houseplants

Adding some houseplants is a nice way to add a bit of color and style to your home, while also improving your indoor air quality. You’ll want to look for tropical plants with large leaves to add the most moisture to your air. You have so many options such as a variety of palms. There are certain plants that can remove moisture from the air like the Boston Fern that should be avoided. Make sure you do your research and ask the experts at your local plant nursery when you buy a plant to make sure it will help with the dry air in your home.

#2: Cook at Home

Cooking releases humidity into the air especially if you are boiling water. All the steam coming up from your pots and pans could be great for your indoor air quality. Be sure to turn off any exhaust fan you have so the additional humidity you’re creating won’t just go to waste. Whether it’s pasta or hard-boiled eggs, you’ll be adding a lot more moisture to your air than if you just did takeout.

#3: Airdry Your Clothes

Using your clothes dryer can cost hundreds of dollars each and every year. If your household is suffering from the effects of dry air, you might want to try airdrying your clothes. You can use a drying rack or a clothesline. Either way, you’ll be adding much need moisture to the air.

#4: Shower and Bath

Showering and bathing use a lot of hot water. All that steam can help your indoor humidity. After a shower, open your bathroom door and let the steam escape. After bathing, leave the warm water to evaporate and turn cold before letting it drain away.

At Meyer’s Companies, we want your home to stay comfortable and attractive to your guests, especially since the holidays are coming up. Increasing your humidity to healthy levels—around 40%—will not only help dry, itchy skin, but it will also make your heater go further. Higher humidity levels will increase the perceived heat in your home, allowing you to turn your thermostat a degree or two lower and not lose any comfort.

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