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How to Keep Your Fridge Running Efficiently

5 Tips for Refridgerator Maintenance

If there’s one appliance we use daily, it’s most likely our refrigerator. Now more than ever, while we spend more time at home, it’s important to ensure that your refrigerator is running efficiently to avoid any need for repair. If you’re looking to keep busy at home, are some tips to help keep your refrigerator in top shape.

1. Check the Door Seals

A loose seal on your fridge’s door causes your appliance to work harder and wastes energy. To be sure your door seals are clean and working properly, remove any food debris. Then, try the dollar bill test: put a dollar bill half in the fridge and half out. If it falls out easily, you’ll probably need to have your seals checked by a professional.

2. Make Sure Your Fridge is Set to the Right Temperature

Your fridge should be set between 37 and 40 degrees. Your freezer, on the other hand, should be set to zero degrees.

3. Be Prepared in Case of a Power Outage

If you’re worried about what will happen to your food when the power goes out, let us give you some peace of mind: if you lose power, and don’t open the door of your fridge, it will last for about four hours. That gives you time to make arrangements or call a repairman for service. Your freezer, on the other hand, will last 48 hours if full, and 24 hours if not full.

4. Keep the Coils Clean

Leave this one to the professionals! If your condenser coils get covered with dust, similar to your air conditioner, they won’t run efficiently. Your fridge should be pulled from the wall twice annually to inspect the coils.

5. Fill Your Fridge

While most of us are filling our fridges to capacity right now, it’s important that you do this throughout the year to maintain the low temperature in your appliance. Cold drinks and food help to absorb any warm air that can seep in when you open the door — so if your mother told you to not stand there with the fridge door open, she has a point!

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