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Easy Ways to Help Your Indoor Air Quality

We are the middle of Spring and the middle of this pandemic. There is no better time to be concerned about your home’s indoor air quality. With many of us stuck in our homes in isolation, it is vital that your air stays clean and healthy.

Here are some tips to keep your home feeling fresh and allergy-free over the next few months!

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

There are a variety of simple ways that you can improve your indoor air quality without any special equipment. In order to understand how we can improve indoor air quality, we must explain how your home’s air can fail to reach good standards.

Here are some signs that you should be concerned about air quality in your home:

  • Dry Air

  • High Levels of Particulates

  • Allergens

  • Poor Ventilation

Luckily two of these issues can be solved fairly easily. Moisture can be introduced to the air by cooking, showering with the bathroom door cracked, let your clothes air dry, or planting some household plants.

Ventilation might be a simple as opening a window or putting up a fan. Make sure you’re not hurting your ventilation by closing vents in an attempt to save money. Not only will it not reduce your energy bill, but it could cause problems for your air circulation.

Spring Cleaning

Dirt, dust, and allergens most commonly enter your home on your dust and clothing. From there it will settle on your furniture and flooring before getting repeatedly kicked up into the air and harming your indoor air quality for weeks to come.

The best solution to this is to do some simple spring cleaning. Vacuuming not only makes your home look more presentable and clean, but it also improves the air you breathe!

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