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Why You Should Never Neglect Any A/C Repairs

We’ve all been there. A self-proclaimed industry expert advises you that your product needs maintenance and you shake it right off. You feel like you can go another month, or even another year without paying the expense. It can’t be that crucial, right? Wrong.

When it comes to your A/C unit, you shouldn’t disregard any repair or maintenance suggestions. When you neglect maintenance on your unit, you’re risking the possibility of a few factors that could run it astray. Turning your head in the other direction could put all of the following in jeopardy: coolant levels, air quality, fan efficiency, and the overall lifespan of your unit. Let’s examine a few of these risks.

Low Coolant Levels

If your A/C unit goes a long time without a professional assessment, its coolant levels could become uneven. When this happens, your unit thinks it must work harder than it already does. In turn, your energy bill will rise exponentially due to your unit working overtime. One obvious sign of lower coolant levels is the duration in which it takes to cool off your home. The longer it takes, the more likely it is that your levels are low or uneven.

Poor Air Quality

Neglecting repairs to your unit could result in the occupants of your home breathing in an unhealthy amount of poor air. The most common occurrence of this issue happens when homeowners are advised to change out their air coolant filter. This helps your unit provide air that doesn’t contain dirt, pollen, or any other allergens.

Insufficient Fan Speed

When temperatures start to creep into the upper 90s, cool air alone won’t suffice. You need a high-powered fan to drive that air into all the rooms in your home. Avoiding any repairs to your fan could put this common A/C benefit in danger. When an A/C professional runs diagnostic on your unit it can immediately tell if your fan will be able to make it through the next season. If your fan is running at lower speeds, you won’t want to avoid repairs.

The Dreaded Replacement

Starting over from square one is never fun, but most of the time it’s preventable. Scheduling a standard maintenance visit can help solve tomorrow’s problems today. With A/C units, it’s very common for one minor issue to generate more complications in other parts of the system. That’s when repairs start to become costly and the proposal of a full replacement starts to surface.

Can I Service My Unit?

No. Unless, of course, you’re an A/C expert with specific knowledge of the unit you’re dealing with. And even then it’s still recommended that an industry professional take a look at your unit because of safety protocols. Especially since previous tweaks and installations could have been made to your system that you may not know about. A/C units require professional care to ensure longevity and effectiveness in cooling down your home.

When Should I Schedule My Annual Maintenance Visit?

Anytime before summer. Scheduling your maintenance visit during April is generally a good rule of thumb for most locations around the U.S. This allows time for any adjustments and repairs to be made before the summer warmth arrives in early June. This time frame also allows for any needed parts to be ordered and installed before the heat hits.

Be sure to contact the Meyer’s. team to schedule your annual maintenance visit today. Our team is ready to help ensure you’re not left suffering in the summer heat.