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What Does it Mean to Be NATE-Certified?

Anytime you pay for a professional service, you want to be confident in the person executing the project. Whether it’s a license or decades of experience, there are a few ways customers can feel reassured that they’re getting top-notch assistance. For HVAC technicians, obtaining a NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification helps distinguish your abilities for guidance, maintenance, and installation.

Let’s take a closer look at a few benefits of working with a NATE-certified technician. We’ll also outline the process of obtaining NATE certifications.

Benefits of NATE-Certified Technicians

There’s no worse feeling than paying a lot of money for a service that doesn’t really solve anything. Fortunately, when you work with a certified NATE technician, you won’t have to worry about throwing money down the drain. NATE-certified HVAC professionals give customers honest assessments, proactive solutions, and information that’s up to date with industry standards.

Honest Assessment

After completion of the NATE exams, an HVAC technician will be able to provide customers with a transparent synopsis of their system. This is due to the education and classes requirement in NATE certification. A technician won’t be making an educated guess when it comes to repairs or replacements. They’ll be able to evaluate a system and provide a customer with honest feedback regarding what their next best steps should be.

Proactive Solutions

There’s nothing worse than a reactive HVAC professional. Problems should be caught before they arise. With a NATE certification, a technician can identify an issue before it drastically affects a customer’s well-being. NATE courses provide extensive instruction about the different types of red flags in HVAC. For example, if a technician can predict that you’ll need maintenance before the summer season arrives, they were probably able to notice a discrepancy in your unit’s fan speed. Looking out for tomorrow’s problems today can make or break a homeowner’s living conditions.

Constant Education

Much like the tech industry, the HVAC industry is ever-changing. This means that a NATE certification class from 2016 could look a lot different from one in the past few months. Because of this, NATE has mandated that certifications are only valid for five years. Not only does this provide HVAC professionals with a refresher, it also allows them to familiarize themselves with any new processes, equipment, or industry information. Being up to date with the latest and greatest tricks of the trade helps technicians perform at the highest level for their customers.

The Road to NATE Certification

Before becoming an HVAC professional, technicians must have a foundational understanding of their industry. To complete NATE certification, students must complete 60 hours of courses (online or in the classroom), before passing a written exam. Within NATE, there are four levels of certification:

  • Level 1: Work Ready – entry-level requirements have been met. Students have an overall understanding of HVAC and all the knowledge and skills that come with being a technician.
  • Level 2: Professional Support – in this certification, technicians will have a greater understanding of what it means to offer assistance to clients. This certification is typically achieved after one year of working in HVAC.
  • Level 3: Core & Specialties – in order to obtain this level of NATE certification, technicians must pass both written and installation exams. This certification also helps prepare for senior-level NATE certification.
  • Level 4: Senior Analyst – the highest certification of NATE technicians. This level consists of one exam made up of the first three levels, plus additional information. In order to complete the senior analyst certification, a technician must hold at least two NATE certifications prior to the final exam.

Hiring a NATE-Certified Technician

Summer temperatures are right around the corner. There’s no better time to have your HVAC unit evaluated and reassessed. At Meyer’s, our team of certified NATE technicians can provide honest feedback and proactive solutions.

For more information on our team of NATE-certified HVAC professionals, contact us by phone today: (219) 240-0610!