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Understanding Variable Speed HVAC Technology

Summer is right around the corner. Warmer temperatures will be here before you know it. Is your A/C unit ready to handle the heat? It’s important to understand the kind of air conditioning unit that your home’s central air system operates off of. In most houses, A/C units are installed with two types of modes: on and off. But with variable speed HVAC Technology (VSP), you don’t have to worry about your A/C unit turning off when it’s over 90 degrees outside. When your air unit contains VSP, the blower that generates air flow doesn’t stop. Instead, it alters its speed to conserve energy for the time being. Not only does this make a VSP unit more energy-friendly, it also allows the operator to have more precise control of their inside temperature.

How Do I Know When it’s Time to Replace My Unit?

There are a few obvious signs that your A/C unit has reached the end of its journey. While age is an important factor, there are other early signs to be mindful of when it comes to replacing your unit. These indications include high energy bills, an expired warranty, and an unbearable indoor climate.

Increasingly High Monthly Bills

Depending on your home’s location and the direction it faces, it’s relatively normal to spend more money on your energy in the summer months. But at a certain point, a high energy bill becomes an obvious sign of an insufficient A/C unit. After just a few summers cooling the house down and keeping temperatures consistently comfortable for residents, a standard unit starts to wear down. This is why a VSP unit is so much more structured. You will have constant airflow inside your home and not have to worry about paying a high energy bill.

Expired Warranty

Just like any expensive machine, A/C units come with a warranty. Any standard unit should work for at least 10 years. But if the warranty that comes with the unit expires before the 10-year window, it’s probably a red flag. Some units may offer warranties on certain parts, but when it comes to replacing a major part of the system, it might be another early indication that a full replacement is just around the corner. VSP units have been known to last over 20 years and some experts in the industry feel that they could easily operate at an effective rate for 30-plus years. This gives any homeowner a sigh of relief to know that their unit will not have to be touched for as long they live in their home.

Discomfort in Your Home

This is probably one of the more obvious signs that it’s time to upgrade your A/C unit. Nothing motivates you more to install a VSP unit than experiencing stuffy air or a lack of airflow in your home. It’s a night-and-day difference. Which would you rather have? Consistent airflow in your home or a unit that breaks down in the middle of July?

How Do I Find the Right VSP Unit?

It’s important to look for the VSP unit that best fits your need. Whether you ‘re dealing with a large five-bedroom residence or a smaller one-bedroom vacation home, the type of VSP unit you’re looking for could differ in size and cost. The best way to ensure you’re getting the most efficient system is to contact our team of A/C professionals. Meyer’s will be happy to evaluate your situation and give you an honest assessment about the next action that needs to take place to upgrade your A/C unit. To learn more about VSP units call us at (219) 240-0610!