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How to Winterize Your Plumbing

Preparing Your Pipes for Winter

During the winter, your pipes are exposed to harsher weather conditions than normal. Maintaining your pipes year-round is essential to keeping your pipes in good condition and expanding the lifespan of your piping system.

The best way to keep your pipes from freezing when it gets cold is by winterizing your plumbing. Our team at Meyers Companies, Inc. wants to help you keep your pipes safe from freezing with these tips:

Let Your Faucets Drip

In the winter, temperatures in Indiana drastically drop at night and freeze your pipes. The last thing you want is to wake up to no running water because your pipes are frozen. To keep your pipes from freezing overnight, turn on your faucets to let the water drip. Even if your pipes happen to freeze, this will reduce the chances of them bursting.

Insulate Your Pipes

When outdoor temperatures reach around 20°F and below, the odds of your pipes freezing are even higher. Adding insulation to your pipes helps defend them from extremely cold temperatures. Insulate pipes that are most exposed to the elements and in unheated areas that are likely to freeze.

An experienced plumber can insulate your pipes and get to hard-to-reach areas that would be left exposed without professional help.

Fix Cracks

Another way to prevent freezing pipes and winterize your plumbing is by fixing any cracks on the exterior of your home. Fill any cracks you see on outside walls and the foundation with spray foam insulation or caulking. This can help keep cold air from your pipes when temperatures drop.

Let Us Winterize Your Plumbing!

Your plumbing is essential to your home’s everyday functions, and freezing pipes can prevent you from completing a lot of your everyday tasks. Let our team, Meyers Companies, Inc., prepare your pipes for colder temperatures. We can install insulation, find leaks, and cracked pipes that can pose future problems.

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