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Why Is Cold Air Blowing When the Heat Is On?

If you've ever turned on your heat only to find that cold air is blowing out of the vents, you know how frustrating it can be. You rely on your heating system to keep your home warm and comfortable, so when it's not working properly, it can throw your whole life off balance.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the most common reasons why cold air might be blowing when the heat is on, and what you can do about it. Hopefully by the end of this post, you'll have a better understanding of what's going on with your heater and how to fix it.

What Can Cause Cold Air to Blow When the Heat Is Running?

A blast of cold air coming from your vents after you’ve turned on your home’s heating system can be quite startling, but luckily there are only a few possible causes:

  • Clogged Filters - It could be a sign that you need to replace the filters on your system, so check for clogged or old filters and replace as needed.
  • Blocked Vents - Make sure there is nothing blocking your vents. Blocked vents mean blocked air ducts, and blocked air ducts won't circulate the air properly, leading to colder temperatures in your home.
  • Improperly Sized Furnace - A common issue many homeowners face is an improperly sized furnace. This could be due to moving into a new home or making modifications that alter the size of your house, such as adding a new room. A mismatch between the size of your home and the capacity of your furnace can result in inadequate heating, skyrocketing energy bills, and more frequent repairs. To ensure maximum efficiency and comfort in your home, it is important to have a properly sized furnace.
  • Improperly Configured Furnace - Another possibility is that there's something wrong with the way your furnace is configured. This could be an issue with the thermostat, for example, or with the duct work itself, both of which could lead to issues with airflow. In fact, it could even be something as seemingly insignificant as a loose connection somewhere in the system. However, determining whether any of these situations is causing your current challenge can only be done by an experienced professional who knows exactly what to look for and how to repair any underlying problems.

When Should I Call an HVAC Repair Technician?

If your home isn't heating or cooling like it's supposed to, don't leave yourself scratching your head in confusion. It's best to bring in an expert who can identify and pinpoint the source of the problem. At Meyer’s, our professional heating and cooling technicians in Northwest Indiana and South Chicagoland are fully equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience required to investigate heating issues and come up with a solution.

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