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How Can I Keep My AC from Freezing Up This Summer?

It may sound impossible considering the record outdoor temperatures we’re facing this year, but a common issue that homeowners and businesses must deal with during the summer is their air conditioners freezing up.

Air conditioners freeze up for a wide variety of reasons. In some cases, if an AC’s air filters are clogged, or the air conditioner’s airflow is restricted for any other reason, it can result in the AC freezing up. Another reason that an air conditioner can freeze up is a refrigerant leak. A refrigerant leak won’t always cause an AC unit to freeze up, but it can cause such a problem. This is because if the refrigerant is too low, it can prevent the AC from being able to properly regulate its temperature, which can lead to the AC freezing up.

Finally, AC units can freeze if the outdoor temperatures are too cool at night. Air conditioners are designed to operate within certain temperature ranges and if the outdoor temperature falls outside that range, it can play havoc with the system. This can result in the AC experiencing issues, such as freezing up.

As you can see, there are several reasons that your air conditioner could freeze up. Fortunately, there are just as many things you can do to prevent your AC from freezing up.

3 Tips for Keeping Your AC from Freezing Up This Summer

As stated above, your air conditioner can freeze up for a wide range of reasons. In each case, there is something that you can do that can help prevent it from happening. The following are three tips for keeping your AC from freezing up this summer:

  1. Check your drain line. Air conditioners absorb heat in your home and send it outside. Any moisture in the hot and humid air that the AC absorbs is expelled from your home via your AC drain line. If your AC’s drain system becomes clogged, it can result in moisture building up in your air conditioner. In some cases, this can lead to your evaporator coil freezing over.
  2. Change your air filters. If your air filters clog up, that can limit airflow through your AC’s return air duct. If the airflow through your return AC duct isn’t sufficient, it can lead to a layer of ice building up on your evaporator coil.
  3. Make sure your blower fan is working. Your air conditioner’s blower fan helps keep the airflow in your AC at the optimum level. If your blower fan stops working or stops being able to create sufficient airflow, it can result in your evaporator coil and AC system freezing up.

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