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5 Signs You Should Replace Your Water Heater

Having warm, running water throughout your home is an important part of your daily life, whether you are taking a shower, cleaning dishes, or washing your clothes. Since the average person uses warm water up to 20 times each day, when you multiply that usage by each household member, you can understand why a water heater is an essential home appliance.  

However, homeowners often do not give their water heaters a second thought until there is a problem. Water heaters generally break down due to a homeowner's failure to perform annual maintenance. 

If you are experiencing an issue with your water heater, the following are five signs that indicate it’s time to replace the appliance: 

  1. Your water heater is too old – If your water heater is more than 10 years old, you may need to consider replacing it. Remember, a tank water heater should last between eight to 12 years with proper maintenance. Tankless water heaters have a lifespan of over 20 years. For the most accurate timelines, check your water heater’s warranty. 

  1. Your water heater is leaking – Toward the end of a water heater’s life expectancy, the unit will start leaking and create a pool of water on the floor around the tank. Leaks often occur due to expansions to the metal in the tank over time after thousands and thousands of heating cycles. When a fracture forms, the constant expansions will create a gap large enough for water to leak through. 

  1. Your water heater is making loud noises – As the water heater gets older, sediment begins to form on the bottom of the tank. The sediment grows thicker and hardens over time, which can wear a water heater down and result in inefficiency and accelerates the likelihood of a crack forming. 

  1. Your water heater is rusty – Although steel is one of the strongest materials on the planet, corrosion in the steel lining of a water heater can result in rust. When rust appears in the hot water from your sink and bathtub faucets, you may have a rusty water heater. Additionally, if you notice any rust around the water inlet or pressure relief valve on the heater, chances are that there is rust within the tank. 

  1. Your water is not heating – Most homeowners and occupants take warm water for granted until they do not have access to it anymore. While this issue may be caused by a misadjusted thermostat or a broken heating element, it is possible that the size of your water heater is insufficient for the size of your home. If there has been a recent increase in the number of household members in your home, your current water heater may not be sufficiently meeting the new demands. You may need to replace your water heater with a unit that is more equipped for your current household. 

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