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Tips for Saving Energy and Reducing Energy Bills

In today’s green world, everybody could use more tips for saving energy. These tips are sure to help you keep a little green in your pocket, as well as save the planet. The average American family spends thousands of dollars on energy each year, so even small percentages can really add up over the long term.

programmable thermostat is a vital first step for anyone concerned about their energy usage. These devices help manage your energy consumption as long as the proper settings are used.

Instead of using the dishwasher’s heat cycle, try air drying your dishes. You can just leave the wet dishes in the open dishwasher to dry naturally: it’s a perfect drying rack. The same theory can be applied to the laundry. Even if you don’t have sufficient yard space for a clothesline, the shower area or indoor drying racks will often suffice.

Make sure you turn electronics off when they’re not in use. In fact, consider plugging all of your devices, including televisions, video game systems, and DVD or Blu-ray players, into power strips that can be toggled on or off. This equipment is prone to use several watts of power even when shut off or in standby mode, so turning them clear off when you can will help you save energy.

Close all the windows and doors in your home when running the furnace or air conditioner. These portals leak energy like a colander. Additionally, check them for broken seals or cracks to see if they may need to be replaced. Also locate and seal air leaks around doors and windows. Poorly insulated thresholds pose a serious threat to perfect efficiency.

Whenever purchasing new appliances, electronics, light bulbs or other products, look for the Energy Star logo to ensure the equipment meets strict standards for energy use and sustainability. The U.S. Department of Energy as well as the Environmental Protection Agency set these guidelines and ensure their enforcement.

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