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Carbon Monoxide Detection Is Serious — Where the Pros Will Look for Leaks

Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can disrupt your blood’s ability to carry oxygen to your organs. When present in sufficiently high concentrations, it can cause serious illness and death. Since carbon monoxide exposure can be cumulative, the danger depends somewhat on how long you are exposed to it and at what concentrations.

Carbon monoxide is by-product of incomplete combustion. Many home appliances, such as gas water heaters, furnaces and stoves, rely on combustion for their operation. If they malfunction, they can end up contributing carbon monoxide to your home’s air. Carbon monoxide cannot be seen or smelled, so for carbon monoxide detection you must rely on an alarm that can measure its concentration in the air and alert you if it gets too high for too long.

In addition to installing carbon monoxide detectors, you may want to have a professional check that there isn’t any equipment contributing excessive carbon monoxide to your home. Such a checkup should do the following:

  • Check the venting of combustion appliances for leakage or other signs, like rust or damage, that leaks could develop in the future.
  • Make sure fuels are being combusted efficiently. Flames should be blue — yellow flames are an indication that fuels are not being fully combusted.
  • Examine pilot lights, especially stove pilot lights since they aren’t vented, for proper operation.
  • Ensure that chimneys and venting are free from any obstructions that would block the escape of carbon monoxide.
  • Check that fans and vents were properly installed.

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