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R-22 Refrigerant Supplies Are Drying Up–Maybe It’s Time for That A/C Replacement

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your A/C system and supplies are getting depleted. This means that when older air conditioners need repairs or maintenance, lack of refrigerant could create a problem. The necessary refrigerant used by older systems, called R-22, is harmful to the environment. It’s being phased out due to an Environmental Protection Agency mandate. Homeowners with older cooling systems may have to delay necessary repairs until refrigerant can be located.

If you’re considering a new air conditioning system for your home, now is a good time to make that purchase. Newer systems run on new, more environmentally-friendly refrigerant. Perhaps you’d planned on getting a few more years from your old cooling system, but you may want to reconsider waiting. By replacing your system sooner rather than later, you’ll save money each month on your energy bills and avoid the inconvenience of low R-22 refrigerant supplies.

How modern cooling systems save you money

Today’s air conditioning equipment is engineered to much higher standards than it was a few years ago. The high efficiency of modern cooling systems means that your new system will:

  • Start paying for itself immediately with lower cooling/utility costs.
  • Provide increased home comfort and more even, consistent cooling throughout your house.
  • Eliminate the need for repeated and costly repair bills that older systems often require.
  • Better regulate humidity and improve indoor air quality.
  • Minimize energy waste.
  • Be environmentally friendly by using the newly-developed refrigerant.

Now that the R-22 phaseout has been added to the mix, the repair-or-replace decision is even easier to make. With R-22 refrigerant supplies getting low, all evidence points to replacing an aging system now rather than waiting a few months or years.

Need help making your cooling system repair-or-replace decision? Contact the experts at Meyer’s Heating & Cooling. We can to help you calculate the costs of keeping the old system compared to installing a new one. Visit our website for more valuable HVAC information.