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Working With Your Plumbing Contractor on That Bathroom Remodel

There’s a logical order for installing various components during a bathroom remodel. Whether you attempt a DIY job, work closely with a plumbing contractor or let the professionals handle all the work themselves, it’s important to work in a certain order. That way, you maximize your time and prevent ruining completed work that’s already been installed.

  • Determine wall placement: This initial step requires precise planning, since building codes require certain clearances around toilets and sinks.
  • Construct walls/install plumbing drain lines: If the bathroom floor is made of wood, the walls should be constructed first, followed by the plumbing drain lines. If the floor is made of concrete, the bathroom remodel should follow the opposite order. Either way, remember that it’s best to leave drain and water supply pipe installation to a licensed plumber.
  • Install tub or shower: With concrete floor poured (if applicable) and the wall studs in place, it’s time to install the remaining above-grade plumbing drain lines and vent pipes, followed by the bathtub or shower. Cover the tub or shower walls with a heavy drop cloth to protect them. Then, install all water supply lines.
  • Rough in heating and cooling ductwork: Dedicate places for supply registers, heat piping, and ventilation for exhaust fans.
  • Install electrical wiring: Make sure no wall-mounted fixtures obstruct the places you plan to install mirrors or medicine cabinets.
  • Install insulation: Make sure to insulate all exterior walls for energy efficiency, and consider insulating interior walls as well for sound proofing.
  • Install cement board and drywall: Cement board is needed anywhere you plan to cover with ceramic tile, such as around the tub. Choose moisture-resistant drywall for all bathroom walls.
  • Install tile: Start with tub and shower tile followed by floor tile.
  • Install door and trim: If you choose to paint the room, now is the time to do it.
  • Install toilet and sink: To protect floor tile during this step, cover it with a drop cloth.
  • Install final accessories: Mirrors, towel bars and other accessories go in last.

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