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HEPA Filtration — The Ultimate in Improving Indoor Air Quality in Your St. John Home

Do you have a problem with the indoor air quality in your St. John home? Introducing a HEPA filtration system to your house could be the exact tool you need to enhance the indoor air quality. These systems reduce the allergens and other airborne respiratory triggers that circulate throughout your home environment.

Most people are familiar with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters as a commonly used air filter in many modern-day vacuum cleaners. In this application, they’re highly effective at removing dust and other allergens within carpets and other flooring surfaces. However, today you can also use HEPA filtration products within your HVAC system. Homeowners who experience allergies or other respiratory ailments will find the installation of a HEPA filtration especially beneficial.

How HEPA Functions

HEPA filters consist of a mat of dense, randomly arranged fibers. Filters trap particles based on their fiber diameter and thickness. They capture particles by intercepting airborne particles, impacting them as they pass through the air and using diffusion to ensnare particles.

Using HEPA Filtration

HEPA filtration systems can either be installed in your central HVAC system or used in air purifiers. Installation in central HVAC systems will require professional consultation and will potential changes to your central forced-air system to ensure that your airflow won’t be reduced. This whole-house air purifier can significantly reduce allergens and other respiratory triggers throughout your home.

For a less expensive, but also effective air purifying option, consider the use of portable air cleaners that include HEPA filters. These can be placed in one or several rooms that have poor indoor air quality.

To learn more about HEPA filtration, or for information on other air cleaning products and solutions, contact your local HVAC experts at Meyer’s. Our certified technicians have been providing superior service to northwest Indiana and south Chicagoland homeowners since 1951.