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Ready to Boost Your Home Insulation? Determining What Type to Use

So you’ve researched ways to lower energy consumption in your Griffith area home and you’ve decided that it’s time to boost your home insulation as a way to reduce energy bills. Now you need to decide which kind to use in order to get the most efficiency in the most cost-effective way. Here are some important things to consider when choosing the insulation for your home.

  • Blanket batts and rolls – Blanket batts come in several different kinds of fibers, from cellulose or plastic to mineral or fiberglass. It’s relatively inexpensive and generally easy to install, but it can only be installed in unfinished walls or attics. If you’re working on a room and hanging new drywall, this kind of insulation may work for you.
  • Concrete block insulation – This type is usually only used in new construction or during major renovations. Foam board is professionally installed to help moderate temperatures in your house. Sometimes foam beads or air is incorporated into the concrete itself to increase its R-value.
  • Foam board – Foam board can be installed in unfinished walls, and even though it’s relatively thin, it has a high insulating value. Check with your building codes when installing this type of insulating material to be sure that your installation is up to code.
  • Loose-fill and blown-in – Loose-fill and blown-in insulating material is perfect for use in finished walls and irregular spaces. It comes in several types, ranging from cellulose to fiberglass.
  • Reflective system – Reflective systems can be foil backed kraft paper, cardboard or plastic film or bubbles. It has to be installed in unfinished walls, ceilings or floors. It’s relatively easy to install and gives you a good return in energy saved.
  • Rigid fiber – Rigid fiber is a good choice for ducts and other places that need to withstand extreme temperatures, and it’s usually installed by an HVAC professional.
  • Spray foam – Spray foam can be used in finished walls and irregular spaces, and may require special equipment to apply it.

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