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Why Is My A/C Unit Leaking Water?

A leaking A/C unit can be confusing and troublesome. It’s normal for the dehumidifying process to create some condensation. However, when pools of water form, you’re left asking, “why is my A/C unit leaking water?”

Why Does an Air Conditioner Leak Water?

Several things can cause your air conditioner unit to leak, and most of the time you can stop the leaks yourself. However, consult an HVAC professional to ensure proper repair.

  • Busted pump – Leaking water could be a sign that you have a busted condenser pump. To check whether you have a broken pump, pour water into the condenser pan. This tells you if the pump is properly pumping out the excess water. If it’s not, check your power. If your power’s good, you’ll probably need to repair the motor or the condenser itself.
  • Improper installation – If an air conditioner is improperly installed, it can become unlevel. Check your unit to make sure it’s level.
  • Too much pressure – Closed and blocked vents create troublesome pressure within your unit. This pressure causes your A/C unit to leak water. Inspect your vents to ensure they’re not closed or blocked.
  • Clogged drain hole – The drain that removes water from the unit can sometimes clog. Clear any blockage and the leaking should stop.
  • Cold outdoor temperatures – When the air outdoors gets too cold for the water to evaporate, it’ll begin to pool up. When it gets hot again, the water should evaporate.
  • Bad seals – Too much warm air can enter if there are loose or bad seals. Because this warm air condenses with the cold air inside your unit, a pool of water forms under your unit. Resealing can solve this issue.

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