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My Gas Furnace Won’t Turn On

Cooler temperatures are just around the corner, so that means it’s time to look at your furnace and take care of routine maintenance tasks. Don’t wait until the snow starts falling to discover your gas furnace has an issue. Troubleshoot your furnace problems now so you won’t be stuck in the cold asking questions when its freezing outside.

Why Won’t My Furnace Turn On?

There are many common reasons for a lame furnace, including a lack of power, overloaded motor, no pilot light or no gas. Troubleshoot your system with the following tasks:

  • If you suspect power isn’t getting to the unit, check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.
  • Wait for 30 minutes and then press the furnace’s reset button.
  • If the blue flame of the pilot light is gone, you might need to relight the pilot light.
  • To ensure gas is getting to your furnace, make sure gas valve is completely open.

My Furnace Won’t Cycle On — Now What?

If your furnace is operating but it just won’t kick on to start heating the home, you might have a different set of problems. Here are a handful of tips to try:

  • Check the thermostat setting and raise it five degrees.
  • Check and change the air filter.
  • It those don’t do the job and you haven’t kept up with the furnace’s preventive maintenance, now’s the time to contact your trusted HVAC professional. Dirty filters, clogged blowers, closed or blocked registers or loose blower belts will all affect the furnace’s performance and an expert can service this issues.

Furnace burners that are working correctly produce an even row of flames. If you see uneven flames or they lean toward the back of the furnace, it could be an indication of dirty burners. This situation will need to be handled by a heating professional.

Why Won’t the Gas Furnace Light?

Pilot lights need periodic cleaning, and a gas furnace won’t stay lit if the pilot opening’s blocked. Your gas furnace won’t start without gas, so check to make sure the gas valve is completely open.

For professional help diagnosing and resolving furnace problems, contact Meyer’s Company Inc. Certified technicians are dispatched immediately to diagnose the problem, replace necessary parts and restore your furnace to optimum performance. Our team has proudly served homeowners throughout Indiana communities of Griffith, Munster, Highland, St John, Schererville and Gary since 1951.