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Whole-Home Humidifiers: Important Even During Winter

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This winter in Indiana and the Midwest has been particularly vicious. But the cold isn’t the only problem this season. In the winter, indoor air gets inordinately dry. And by using your furnace, you’re inadvertently making it worse. The system dehumidifies the already dry air in order to warm it up.

If the humidity level in your home drops below 30 percent, it causes problems. Furniture can dry out and crack. Your skin can become dry and irritated, as well, and your lips can get chapped. You may feel constantly thirsty, or have respiratory issues. But worst of all, the low level of humidity fosters viruses and bacteria, which is one reason why winter is also cold and flu season.

But you can’t not use your furnace in this weather. So how can you guard against this excessive dryness? You need a whole-home humidifier.

A whole-home humidifier integrates into your existing HVAC system. It adds moisture to your home’s air right at the source, before it’s circulated throughout the house. You could invest in a personal humidifier, which treats each room individually. But a whole-house unit is often a much better option for homes with dry winter air, for several reasons:

  • Control. Most room humidifiers have no control over how much or how little they humidify. They’ll simply keep going until they run out of water or get turned off. This can lead to rooms being too humid, or disparate humidities across the house. A whole-home humidifier allows you to set the specific humidity level you want for the entire house, saving energy and adding convenience.
  • Maintenance. Room humidifiers must be thoroughly cleaned frequently, to prevent buildup of mold and bacteria. Whole-home humidifiers need to be cleaned only once or twice a year. This cleaning can be performed as part of your annual HVAC maintenance visit.
  • Operating cost. Room humidifiers require gallons of distilled water in order to operate, which needs to be purchased specially, and is inconvenient and expensive. A whole-home humidifier simply taps into your home’s existing water line, costing you only a few extra cents per month in utility bills.

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