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You Can Count on Us! We’re on Angie’s List

Finding the right contractor for a household improvement or repair can be challenging, especially if you are new to a community or if you have had a bad experience in the past. Free online review sites may seem suspicious, especially if all reviews are similar or if all ratings are high. One of the most reliable review sites in the industry is Angie’s List, a site that is committed to accountability and truthful information about providers in hundreds of industries. Our inclusion on Angie’s List is an indicator that you can count on us for excellent service.

Why Is Angie’s List Different?

Angie’s List has been structured to limit the potential for false reviews and inflated ratings. While these practices are prominent on free sites, a small membership fee for those using Angie’s List reduces this type of activity. Additionally, consumers are limited to one review of a company during a six-month period, a further effort to reduce false inflation or deflation of a company’s ratings. Those responsible for running the site take note of unusual patterns and other red flags, removing reviews deemed not to be genuine.

Companies desiring to be included on Angie’s List are able to work together with site administrators to address legitimate negative reviews. Contractors have the opportunity to rectify problems or respond to complaints. This promotes a positive relationship between contractor and patron, resulting in excellent service and prompt remedies. As a contractor, Meyer’s Company, Inc. is able to monitor reports on our performance, learning about ways that we can improve our service by noting issues that stood out to our customers. This increased awareness is critical for enhancing our customer service efforts.

Considering Our Services?

If you are searching for a reputable company to address your home comfort, plumbing or electric systems, then you will appreciate our long-time service record dating to the early 1950s. We have established a strong reputation for excellent workmanship and integrity, endeavoring to complete every job in a timely and correct manner. We participate in continuing training in our trades to ensure that our professional knowledge is consistent with contemporary standards. We offer up-to-date equipment and solutions in every service that we provide. Whether in the office or in the field, our staff will treat you with respect.

As we serve your needs, we appreciate your feedback, both personally and via sites such as Angie’s List. We appreciate the affirmation when a job has been done well. Your participation on review sites enables others in the community to benefit from your positive experiences. We also appreciate the opportunity to improve, and we will work carefully to address any shortcomings or misunderstandings due to our service. We look forward to assisting you with your heating, cooling, plumbing or electric needs when you contact us for an appointment.