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A Programmable Thermostat Can Work in Your Overall Savings Strategy

Woman programming her thermostat with her iPad

A programmable thermostat simplifies your energy savings plan because it takes the work out of changing temperatures based on when you’re typically away from home. Not only does it remember to make adjustments for you, it is likely more accurate than the thermostat you’re using now.


Options range from “learning” thermostats to those you program yourself. If you have a smart-phone, a Wi-Fi or learning thermostat will help you manage your home’s temperatures remotely. Self-programming models are available that simplify the programming by providing a framework for your schedule, whether it’s the same all week, different on the weekends or varies day by day. Some thermostats need to be wired into your home, while others use batteries.

Before you select the type, read the package carefully to see if it will be compatible with your HVAC system and what the installation requirements are. Some types require professional installation.


The U.S. Department of Energy suggests keeping the temperature at 78 degrees F when you’re at home and turning it up to 85 degrees when you’re absent for the most energy savings. They also recommend raising it to 82 degrees during the nighttime. You can set the thermostat so that it returns to your preferred comfort level shortly before you come home or wake up.


Where you put the programmable thermostat will make a difference. Keep it away from naturally warmer areas like the kitchen and bathrooms. It shouldn’t be near a sunny location or a drafty area. In a two-story home, the thermostat should be on the first floor.


In the summer, set the thermostat to a warmer temperature to get the most energy savings when you’re leaving for several days or more, and program it to turn it down shortly before you return. Try to avoid overriding the higher setting if you come home unexpectedly to avoid higher energy usage, since the thermostat may keep that setting until that 24-hour period lapses.

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