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What Furnace Type is Right For You?

Tech repairing a furnace

Residents of the Valparaiso, Porter County, and Griffith area are looking forward to a long and cold winter this year. If you’re concerned about your old furnace or HVAC system making it through the year, better start thinking about replacing your system now! Nobody wants to spend even a day without heat in the dead of winter. But what kind of furnace is right for your needs? Figure it out with this handy guide from Meyer’s Companies.

Gas Furnaces

Most homes and businesses have some type of gas furnace. In a gas furnace, a relay system opens up when the thermostat detects a chill in the residence. This activates an inducer fan and causes a valve to open in order to inject gas into a burner assembly. An electronic ignition system ignites the gas while a burner heats up a heat exchanger. When the air is warm enough, the blower turns on to send hot air into your home.

Furnaces are reliable and efficient, great for cold areas that require consistent heating with a minimum of maintenance. Most furnaces use natural gas, but some may use oil or electric power. Meyer’s Companies uses Bryant furnaces, which set the industry standard for heating appliances. The gas furnaces we use have AFUE efficiency ratings of up to 98.5 out of 100 for the gas furnaces, and up to 86 out of 100 for oil furnaces. You can get features like modulating gas valve technology, multi-speed blowers, and more. You’ll enjoy whisper-quiet performance, humidity-modulating technology, and great parts warranties that make maintenance easy.

Furnaces we Offer

Bryant Evolution System Variable Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Bryant Preferred Series Variable & Multi-Speed 90+% Gas Furnaces

Bryant Preferred Series Multi-Speed 90+% Gas Furnaces

Bryant Legacy Line Fixed-Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Bryant Evolution Variable-Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace

Bryant Preferred Series Variable & Multi-Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace

Bryant Legacy Line Fixed-Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnaces

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