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Energy Star Ratings Save You Money

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If you’re looking for a new furnace or heating appliance in the Griffith, Valparaiso, or Lowell area, you will want to make sure that you’re buying an Energy Star certified appliance. Energy Star is an easy way to find appliances that give you the best fuel efficiency while helping you save on your energy bill. Meyer’s Companies is proud to provide you with a full line of Energy Star certified heating products.

What is Energy Star?

Energy Star was developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in order to help individuals and business save money and conserve energy through using energy-efficient technology. It’s a voluntary program established in 1992, which helps identify and promote energy-efficient technology. Many organizations have adopted Energy Star ratings and guidelines since it’s been founded, and have saved over $295 billion on utility bills as well as preventing 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from escaping into the atmosphere. Meyer’s Companies is proud to include Energy Star ratings on our furnaces and other heating and cooling appliances.

How is an Energy Star Rating Earned?

Before a product earns the Energy Star label, it’s tested by an independent third party in an EPA-recognized laboratory. Energy Star products are also tested off the shelf, in order to ensure that changes during the manufacturing process do not hinder its energy efficiency. Buildings can be rated with an Energy Star label by a licensed professional, such an engineer or registered architect. Homes require four inspection checklists for heat and water usage to apply for an Energy Star label, while commercial buildings must have a licensed professional inspect the building individually to ensure that all energy use and square footage is correctly accounted for.

Furnaces and other heating appliances are required to operate at a certain percentage of efficiency depending on the fuel they use and the region they’re installed in. Standard gas furnaces must be up to 16 percent more energy efficient than a baseline model in order to earn an Energy Star rating. In Southern areas of the United States where heating is less essential, gas furnaces must be up to 12 percent more efficient than a baseline furnace. Oil furnaces, which traditionally operate at a lower efficiency, must be at least 4 percent more efficient than a baseline appliance.

Meyer’s Companies Embraces Energy Star

The Energy Star program is a favorite of producers and consumers alike. As contractors and sellers of HVAC and home contracting products, we want to make sure that we’re providing you with the highest quality products that will save you money–and as a home or business owner, you want to save on your energy bill. We’re proud to provide you with Energy Star certified products that will save you money and energy, and we’re also proud to employ contractors that can help you save money and energy on your home heating and cooling systems.

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