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Do You Need a Backup Generator?

What is an Automatic Standby Generator, and Do You Need One?

An automatic standby generator, sometimes referred to as a backup generator or a whole-home generator, is a stationary generator, typically installed outside your home, that automatically provides emergency power during a blackout or outage. They can be powered by a refillable supply of fuel or draw from your home’s gas line.

The most important thing about these generators is that they start up automatically when your home loses power, and the switch between conventional and generated power can be almost instantaneous. Your food will stay child and frozen, your devices will stay charged, and your lights will stay on without you having to lift a finger. You may not even notice that there’s an outage! Plus, they also turn themselves off automatically when power is restored, so none of their fuel is wasted.

Automatic Standby Generators Kick in Automatically to Power:

  • Outlets
  • Lights
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Wi-fi
  • Security systems
  • And other essentials

Saving You from Blackouts and Outages

Even a brief loss of power can cost you a lot in spoiled food, lost data, and other losses. If frequent or semi-regular power outages are common where you live, a generator can help you eliminate those costs with one investment. You can stay safe and comfortable during a storm or continue your usual routine during a blackout with a reliable backup generator capable of providing days’ worth of uninterrupted power.

Retain Your Access to Reliable Power in the Event Of:

  • Rolling blackouts
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Planned outages
  • And other emergencies

Portable Generators

Automatic standby generators aren’t the only type of generator out there. Portable generators provide smaller-scale solutions to power loss issues. If you just want to make sure your devices stay charged, a portable generator is a great cost-effective option. However, these generators are noisier, less powerful, and not automatic, so they’re mainly used in situations where you know you won’t have power, such as while camping or on a long trip.

Portable Generators are Great For:

  • Camping
  • RVs
  • Outdoor charging stations
  • Road trips
  • And more!

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