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Why DIY HVAC Repairs are a Bad Idea

Don’t Put Yourself and Your Home at Risk

It can be tempting to try to avoid the hassle of hiring an HVAC technician every time your comfort is impacted by a minor issue with your heater or air conditioner, but when it comes to your HVAC equipment, DIY solutions won’t end well. Amateur HVAC fixes simply won’t get you the results you need, and you may even put in a lot of work only to find that you’ve “fixed” the wrong component! Additionally, without the proper skills and equipment, HVAC repairs can pose a serious risk to you and your family. Untrained HVAC repairs can cause injuries and further damage that will cost you a lot more than a professional repair.

DIY HVAC Repairs Can Lead to:

  • Electrical injuries
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals like freon and carbon monoxide
  • Burns from overheated components
  • Loss of warranty
  • Damaging essential components
  • And other disasters

The Difference that a Professional Can Make

Professional HVAC technicians have been trained and licensed to perform a full range of repairs safely and effectively. We have years of experience solving both basic and complex issues without risking your safety or delivering sub-par results. Plus, professional services tend to come with satisfaction guarantees, warranties, and other benefits.

Professional Heating and Air Conditioning Technicians Have Access To:

  • Training – A certified technician has been trained to correctly diagnose and resolve any kind of HVAC issue you’re experiencing, and they have the skills to make sure everything gets done the right way, so you see results.
  • Tools – Licensed HVAC technicians have access to specialized tools and equipment that aren’t available to amateurs and allow them to service your equipment safely and efficiently.
  • Insurance – Qualified HVAC teams are insured against damages and injuries, so you won’t have to pay anything if something does go wrong.
  • Manufacturers – A lot of HVAC companies have partnerships with major manufacturers or have access to wholesale parts that save you money and allow for better results.
  • Other Technicians – Companies like Meyer’s employ not just with HVAC technicians, but electricians who can safely deal with any electrical problems your heater or air conditioner is experiencing without the need for an expensive secondary contractor.

Consult a licensed professional today by calling (219) 240-0610 or reaching out to Meyer’s Companies, Inc. online. We’re always happy to deliver safe, effective services that improve your comfort!