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Does Lemon Juice Unclog Drains?

Try Out This Natural, Handy House Hack for Your Clogged Drain

When it comes to household tips and tricks, homeowners are always looking for the next best cleaning alternative. In recent years, homeowners have truly embraced the elevated sense of health and cleanliness that natural cleaning products bring. At Meyer’s Companies, Inc., our team is here to support you in keeping your household running the way you like it. We are here to offer the top-notch repairs and installations you need, but we are also here to offer convenient “house hacks” we’ve learned along the way.

If you need to unclog your drain, we would love to be the first ones you call, but we know that you might want to try some at-home remedies first. Lemon juice is one of the “tried and true” unclogging remedies that many homeowners love. To put this trick into action, you will first want to pour some boiling water down the drain to loosen any existing buildup. If you can feel the buildup loosening, but can also feel that there is still some buildup, you might want to use a sink plunger to clear out some of the rest.

Next, in addition to lemon juice, you will want to use about 8 ounces of baking soda. This is what you will pour down the drain next, but you want to make sure it does not become clogged in the drain. Finally, you will add the magical ingredient: lemon juice. The lemon juice and baking soda will react to create a foaming sensation. This should clear up a clogged drain pretty effectively. Finally, you should flush the drain with boiling water again. The purpose of this step is to remove any remaining residue to clear the drain effectively.

Still, Having Clogging Issues? Meyer’s Companies, Inc. Is Here to Help!

If you are dealing with a persistent clog and you prefer not to try home remedies, or your home remedies are not working effectively, the team at Meyer’s Companies, Inc. would be happy to assist you further. We are equipped with all of the best tools that most homeowners do not have handy. We can use manual drain snakes, motorized drain snakes, high-definition drain and sewer line cameras, and even hydro-jetting machines that wash away debris and blockages with a powerful, specialized nozzle. When you combine the skillset and knowledge of our team with the advanced tools we have on hand, you can trust that we will clear your drain once and for all.

While some clogs might flush away with some lemon juice and baking soda, more stubborn clogs might require a professional touch to be fully clear. Fortunately, when you work with Meyer’s Companies, Inc., you will be in good hands. We have built our reputation around the high quality of our work and customer service experience. Our community continues to rely on us because we offer competitive prices, exceptional services, and excellent results. Whether you are dealing with a stubborn clog or another household issue, you can trust our team to get your home back to normal in no time.

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