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Are Copper Pipes Better Than PEX Pipes?

Copper VS. PEX: Which Pipes Are Better for Your Home?

Copper pipes have been used in home plumbing for many years and have been the go-to for homeowners because of their reliability. However, cross-linked polyethylene, or PEX, is becoming the new sustainable standard for long-term reliability for pipes.

The biggest concerns for homeowners when selecting the right pipes are sustainability, longevity, environmental, and economic impact.

Copper VS. PEX: Longevity

When it comes to selecting pipes that can stand the test of time, PEX pipes can outlast copper pipes under good conditions. PEX is flexible, durable, eco-friendly, and has better chemical resistance than copper pipes.

PEX pipes experience fewer leaks than copper pipes, require fewer fittings, and also have better expansion and contraction rates. PEX pipes are cheaper than copper, easy to install by a professional, and water has more flexibility to flow.

Copper VS. PEX: Cost

If you’re searching for less expensive, durable pipes, PEX pipes are typically cheaper than copper pipes. Some brands of PEX pipes come at a fixed cost and are sometimes even one-third of the cost of copper pipes. Prices of copper pipes often fluctuate, so you may not always spend the same amount when purchasing if you need to replace your pipes.

PEX pipes are more flexible than copper pipes and fewer parts are needed to flex them in certain angles, causing them to require fewer parts and saving you money in labor costs.

Copper VS. PEX: Demand

More and more households are searching for materials that are safe and responsible to use in their homes. While copper pipes have been the popular choice, they’re not as in demand as they once were because of labor costs, health, and safety.

PEX pipes are more resistant to leaching and mineral buildup that can be found in copper pipes, which can affect your health and the longevity of your pipes.

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