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HVAC Maintenance: Troubleshooting Tips Everyone Should Know

There are few things worse than when something you rely on stops working correctly and you don’t know why. One of the worst culprits for putting people in that position is an HVAC unit. HVAC systems are highly complex devices with a lot of moving parts, which unfortunately means that there is a lot that can go wrong with them.

Fortunately, even as complex as HVAC systems are, most of the time, when something goes wrong, it is one of a few common issues. Still, narrowing down what the problem is from even a handful of issues can be difficult if you’re not familiar with HVAC troubleshooting.

HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Many HVAC issues can be avoided with regular HVAC maintenance. However, even HVAC systems that are well-maintained can malfunction occasionally. Whether your HVAC unit is consistently maintained or not, here is a list of HVAC troubleshooting tips to help you figure out why it is not working properly and what you need to do to get it up and running again:

  • Check the Power – In some cases, the issue could be something simple. For instance, if your HVAC is not turning on, make sure it is receiving power. Check your fuse box and flip the breaker back on if it was in the off position. Or if it was in the on position, flip it off, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace a fuse.
  • Reset the System – Sometimes the system just needs to be reset. Check the HVAC system’s owner’s manual and follow the instructions for resetting the system. If you don’t have the owner’s manual, look it up online using your HVAC system’s model number.
  • Inspect the Thermostat – Check your thermostat. Your issue may be something as simple as someone changed the temperature settings without telling you. Also, make sure that the thermostat is receiving power. If it is battery-powered, replace the batteries.
  • Check the Furnace Door – Some HVAC units have a safety feature that prevents the system from operating if the furnace door is open. Check to see if the furnace door is completely shut. Be careful! Make sure the furnace isn’t producing heat before you touch the furnace door because the door could be very hot.
  • Turn Off the System – If the AC has been running nonstop, or close to it, it may have frozen some of the HVAC’s components. If this is the case, turning off the system for a little while should allow the components to thaw. Once the components have thawed, the system should work properly again. If this issue keeps occurring, or turning the system off doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to reach out to an HVAC repair expert.
  • Check the Vents – If the HVAC issue involves certain parts of your home or business not receiving enough cool or warm air, check the vents. In some instances, the vents could’ve been accidentally closed, or an object could be obstructing them. Make sure there isn’t any furniture blocking the vents, and that they are free of dirt, dust, and any other foreign objects.
  • Replace the Filters – Dirty air filters can result in your HVAC system running inefficiently. Installing new filters should help improve air quality, increase airflow, and maximize efficiency.

If none of these tips work, or you do figure out what is wrong with your HVAC but don’t know how to fix the problem, consider contacting an experienced HVAC repair specialist.

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