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Tips To Repair a Leak in Your Bathroom Sink

Most people think of sink leaks coming from the plumbing. However, sometimes leaks come from around the sink itself. Many homeowners can repair a leak in their bathroom if they have the right tools and a bit of know-how.

To repair a leak around the sink, you’ll need bathroom caulk, mineral spirits and a basin wrench. Then you’ll need to find the source. Figure out where the leak is coming from by:

  • Pouring a bit of water along the edge of the sink to see where the water comes through.
  • If the water isn’t coming in around the edge of the sink, pour water around the base of the faucet to see if the base is leaking.
  • Inspect the top and bottom sides of the sink to see if a crack has appeared. If the sink itself is cracked, you’ll need to have it replaced.

Repair the Leak

If the leak is coming from around the edge of the sink, you’ll need to re-caulk the seam.

  • Remove the old caulk with a utility knife.
  • Clean the exposed surfaces with mineral spirits to remove residue.
  • Apply caulk around the sink edge and use a fingertip to spread it evenly.
  • Clean stray caulk from the countertops and sink with mineral spirits.
  • Let the caulk cure for 24 hours before exposing it to water.

If the leak is coming from the base of the faucet, tighten the faucet down further. Use the basin wrench to tighten the nuts on the faucet stems beneath the sink. Don’t overtighten.

If you can’t find the source of the leak or find you can’t repair a leak on your own, bring in a plumbing professional. For help with any plumbing repairs, contact Meyer’s. We’ve proudly served the Griffith area since 1951.