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How to Use Energy-Efficient Window Treatments Efficiently

Woman adjusting window blindsWindows are some of the least-efficient building materials that separate the living space from the outdoors. Glass simply doesn’t have enough insulating ability on its own. That’s why double- and triple-pane windows have become the norm. In addition, you can utilize energy-efficient window treatments to increase insulation and block solar heat gain.

Energy-Efficient Window Treatments to Consider

  • Awnings: Starting on the outside of your home, you can block direct sunlight with awnings on south- and west-facing windows. Awnings can shade a single window or be made to shade an entire side of your house. Acrylic and polyvinyl laminates are the best materials for awnings since they are water-repellent and treated to resist color fading and mildew.
  • Roof Overhangs: If you don’t like the look of awnings, you can opt for longer roof overhangs. These are most effective over south-facing windows. When designed correctly, overhangs block the summer sun at its high angle for better cooling efficiency while still allowing the winter sun to shine in.
  • Shutters: You can install shutters on either the inside or outside of the window. They enhance the window’s appearance while improving insulation and blocking solar heat gain when in use.
  • Blinds and shades: Cover every window in your home with blinds or shades for privacy and efficiency purposes. These energy-efficient window treatments have different benefits. Blinds allow you to control how much light enters the room while still blocking direct sunlight. Shades offer more insulating ability when drawn since they lack slats that allow air to pass through.
  • Draperies: While the pattern on a drapery impacts the room’s appearance, draperies serve another important purpose: to block solar heat gain by 33 percent. For the best results possible, install a dark-colored drape with white-plastic backing as close to the window as possible. Let the drape fall to the windowsill or onto the floor. Seal the drapery over the window with Velcro or magnetic tape. These efforts can decrease heat gain by another 25 percent.

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