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It’s Simple: Up Your Cooling Efficiency and Lower Your Bills

Couple programming their home comfort system with their tabletGetting the most cooling efficiency for your home is a combination of routine maintenance for your air conditioning system and using it wisely.

What to Do Yourself

When the air conditioning system is running routinely, checking the air filter and changing it when needed will improve your system’s performance. Dust can build on the evaporator coil, which slows the process even more. It may even cause the coil to freeze over, potentially damaging your compressor.

Periodically clear away landscaping debris from the outdoor condenser and hose off the cooling coil with a light spray of water. Clean coils lose the heat the refrigerant collects from your home faster, lowering energy consumption.

Professional A/C Maintenance

During an A/C tune-up, the HVAC professional goes through your entire cooling system, cleaning and adjusting all its parts. Highlights of this service include:

  • Cleaning, tightening and lubricating the electrical components.
  • Oiling the motors and checking the condition of the belts, including tension.
  • Verifying the refrigerant level is what it should be. If it’s low, the technician will identify where it’s leaking and install more.
  • Measuring the airflow through the air handler to make sure it’s at its optimal level. If you’ve noticed that some rooms are warmer or stuffier than others, you might have a leaking duct going to that space. The leak needs to be sealed so that the system delivers all the air you’ve paid to condition.

Programmable Thermostats

If you’re away routinely, a programmable thermostat will cut cooling costs. Turn the temperature up from eight to 10 degrees when you’re away. Set the system to start cooling your home shortly before you arrive so that you’re comfortable upon entry.

Cutting the Cooling Load

  • Shade windows that receive sunshine.
  • Use heat-producing appliances in the morning or evening.
  • Turn on kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to pull out warm air and humidity, but avoid overusing, since they also remove cooled air.

The pros at Meyer’s can help you improve household cooling efficiency by maintaining your system and helping you select a programmable thermostat. We’ve provided exceptional HVAC services for Gary and the surrounding area since 1951.