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Use Your Programmable Thermostat to Rack Up Savings

Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a relatively low-cost addition to your HVAC system that can help improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. Here are some of the ways you can use a programmable thermostat to your advantage.

Why a Programmable Thermostat?

The main advantage of a programmable thermostat comes in the level of control it gives you over the operation of heating and cooling systems. With a programmable model, you can easily set the furnace or air conditioner to run at the temperature you prefer when you want it. For example, you can adjust indoor temperature settings to money-saving levels when you and your family are away from home during the day. The thermostat can then automatically start the HVAC equipment in time to ensure your home is comfortable and at the right temperature when you return.

Using a Programmable Thermostat

  • Use the thermostat’s set points: Set points are preprogrammed, adjustable temperature settings that let you schedule when and at what level your HVAC equipment runs. They let you reduce heating and cooling when it’s not needed and increase it when it is.
  • Use the “hold” feature: If you’re going away for the weekend or a few days, use the thermostat’s “hold” feature to keep temperatures in your home at a consistent level for the whole time you’re away.
  • Avoid using manual overrides: Programmable thermostat settings can be overridden if more heating or cooling is needed any time. However, using these overrides can increase energy usage and drive up HVAC costs, so use them sparingly.
  • Use set points for extended periods: The longer you can keep your indoor temperatures set at money-saving levels, the less monthly bills will be. Try to keep temperatures at these new settings for at least eight hours at a time or longer.

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