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Heating Systems Repaired Easily With Meyer’s Companies

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Do you need a professional and trustworthy heating system repair service in Valparaiso, Lowell, Griffith, or Porter County? Meyer’s Companies has been happy to service the Northwestern Indiana area for decades, and we have earned our reputation for professional integrity and excellent service. Make sure that you know what you’ll need to know when you call a contractor for heating repair service with us.

Get the Best Service

Meyer’s Companies is proud of the efficiency, professionalism, and expertise that each of our technicians display on every service call. We follow the best practices for air conditioner, furnace, and climate control repair:

  • When you contact us for a heating repair service, we’ll be at your residence or business on time and immediately contact you in case of unavoidable delay.
  • In an emergency heating system repair situation, we will give you a precise estimate of when we will arrive at your home and attend to your heating needs as soon as possible.
  • We will provide a complete and full estimate of the cost of each service before your repair begins, and we will never charge you more than the estimated price.
  • We’ll bring every part and tool we need to repair your model of furnace or other heating systems so that you won’t have to wait for your repair to be complete.
  • We’ll perform a complete diagnostic on your heating system so we know what the issue is in your system before we fix it. This will save valuable time and money in your repairs, ensuring that we don’t perform any unnecessary repairs.
  • We’ll perform any necessary repairs efficiently, quickly, and with accuracy so you’ll never have to call us back to fix a botched job or do an additional repair that we may have not caught the first time.
  • We use protective shoe coverings and drop cloths to keep your home or business clean, and we thoroughly clean up our work area after the repair is complete so you don’t have to do any extra work.

How to Pick Your Heating Repair Company

AC maintenance

  • We know Meyer’s Companies is the premium heating repair company in Valparaiso, Lowell, Griffith, and Porter County. Don’t take our word for it! Be sure to do your research on the heating contractors you hire.
  • Get referrals from your friends, family, co-workers, or neighbors for heating or furnace repair specialists. Word of mouth can be the best way to find a personal contractor.
  • When you pick a heating repair company for commercial repair, ask the company for references. Contact the companies who they have done work for, and they will be happy to give you unbiased recommendations.
  • Request written estimates at all times. A decent heating company will provide you with a free home evaluation and estimate, whether you are looking for an installation or just a repair.
  • Check insurance and licensing. A competent heating contractor will carry insurance in case of damage to your home and will be licensed by the state.
  • Make sure that your heating repair company carries Energy Star products. Energy Star heating appliances all meet the rigorous energy standards and qualifications set by the EPA. It’s not just a seal of quality, it also saves you money and energy.

Gas Furnaces

Furnace repairA gas furnace that uses a central heating system needs regular maintenance. Make sure that you change your furnace filter every month during a heavy heating season, and get the circulating fan oiled once per year.

Call a professional in to check the ducts, heat exchanger, and the flue. The technician should also adjust the burner to make sure that the heat is being efficiently distributed.

Oil Burners

An oil burning boiler for heat or water needs annual maintenance. When you call a technician from Meyer’s Companies for your regular check on your oil furnace, our professionals will:

  • Clean and adjust the fuel jets
  • Clean the flue
  • Change the fuel filter

Heat Pumps

Heat pump close upYou’ll need to have your heat pump serviced yearly by a reliable heating technician. When you contact Meyer’s Companies for your heat pump’s yearly maintenance check, our technicians will:

  • Check and replace the filters
  • Inspect the wiring to ensure that there are no shorts or frayed wires
  • Oil any moving parts to ensure smooth operation
  • Check the belts on the heat pump and replace them if the belt is worn down

Get Your Heating System Repaired Today

Do you need your heating system inspected or repaired by professional heating and cooling technicians today? Meyer’s Companies can have our techs out your way as soon as possible! For assistance in the Griffith area and the Valparaiso area, call us at (219) 240-0610.