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Tips for Lowering the Heating Bills in Your Gary Area Home

Family indoors during the cold season

With today’s high energy costs, homeowners need easy, low-cost ideas for ways to slash consumption without compromising their family’s comfort. Here are some effective tips on how to lower heating bills this winter.

Seal Drafts Around Windows and Exterior Doors

Replacing worn exterior door weatherstripping and re-caulking the windows can curb heat loss in the average home by up to 12 percent. If you see daylight under a door, adjust the screws on the threshold until the gap is eliminated.

Cover Window Glass With Plastic Film

Covering the glass in your windows and patio doors with transparent plastic film is a low-cost way to reduce the amount of warmth lost and slice as much as 14 percent from your yearly energy bills.

Stop Airflow Through Electrical Boxes

To halt the flow of cold air around electrical switches and outlets on exterior walls, remove the covers and use foam sealant or caulk to seal up gaps around the boxes. Place an inexpensive foam gasket under each cover before you replace it.

Plug Gaps in Exterior Walls

Penetrations through the home’s exterior walls are avenues for heat loss. To solve this issue, seal any small spaces around gas lines, plumbing pipes and vents, electrical wires and utility cables. If there’s old, degraded caulk already in place, pull it off and replace it with expandable foam sealant.

Insulate the Attic Hatch

A leaky access hatch can negate the benefit of a well-insulated attic. To stop warm air from escaping from the living area, make sure the hatch forms a proper seal and add insulation on the attic side. If the hatch cover doesn’t close tightly, install a latch bolt.

Switch to a Programmable Thermostat

Today’s programmable thermostats aren’t expensive, and they’re easy to install and program around your lifestyle and daily routine. Programming a temperature adjustment of 10 to 15 degrees for at least an eight-hour period every day can slash 10 percent from your annual heating and cooling costs.

For more tips on how to lower heating bills in your Griffith, Schererville or Gary area home, contact us today at Meyer’s.